Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The RoQnRoll Must List: Lionel Davis- Candy Pants

For my first exciting new post, I wanted to make sure I was putting up something worth posting and something that I can look back years from now and feel content that I decided to place it here. The RoQnRoll Must List, for the time being, will be my way of trying to electronically collect and document all those things that, simply put, are MUSTS in your life. I can't think of anything more deserving of the title of a MUST then the following video. Submitted for your approval- Candy Pants

I feel that I have little else to add here. The video pretty much says it all. I don't know a whole lot about Mr. Davis, outside of the following:
1. His work had apparently been played on WFMU on occasion, and Lionel Davis seems to have a bit of a following in certain Outsider music circles
2. His album, "The Electric Man", can be found on cdbaby.com with both a full version and instrumental version of Candy Pants (though they seem to be different recordings than the one performed here)
3. The Wikipedia page for Lionel Davis has very little (that is to say, nothing) about Candy Pants and a whole lot about being against Apartheid. Reading further, I get the feeling that we may in fact be dealing with two different Lionel Davis' (Davi?) here.

So there you have it. And men, if you really want to get the ladies, it's a MUST that you wear a piano print scarf and serenade your love interest with this song. I haven't tried it personally, but I can only imagine positive things coming from it.

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