Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2/19 Lucha Libre USA TV Taping Report

My report of Saturday's Lucha Libre USA TV taping is now up at PW Torch.
"From the start, it was clear that several of the problems plaguing the last two shows had been addressed. Technical difficulties and delays were almost entirely absent, and a new ring announcer had great charisma and got the crowd excited from the get-go. Unfortunately, it appeared as though Lucha Libre USA has not been doing a great job at keeping people excited about the product - the “Casa De Lucha,” which in December was entirely sold out, seemed to be only a little over one-thirds full for Saturday’s event... The live crowd was enthusiastic, but small, and it feels as though nothing has been done to let a larger audience know that this will broadcast on MTV2 soon. From a strictly wrestling perspective, though, Lucha Libre USA continues to deliver tremendous action."
Overall, a really fun show, but the continued lack of strong advertising is really starting to hurt the crowd size and any possible momentum going into their season 2 premiere (whenever the hell that'll be). Shame, too- outside of some of the goofier aspects of the show, everything has been really solid. The local crowd recognizes and loves the good guys, recognizes and boos the bad guys, and the booking has been well paced and very solid (believe me, I really, really, really wanna see Marco get his hands on Lizmark). Hoping it stays that way, and that it translates when it's finally aired. I'll hopefully be at the next show on March 19th, so stay tuned!

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